Blockbuster Media, a division of publishes regional, community, suburban and agricultural digital mastheads with national content and local news. Our news team members are immersed in their communities to ensure that we deliver highly relevant editorial and advertising solutions.

Marketing is about getting noticed in all the right places

When your business or its products or services are spotted by your target audience, they will start conversations. We are very good at amplifying those conversations with social media marketing and search engine optimisation.

We have the skills and experience to create a comprehensive digital strategy that will reach your target audience.

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Blockbuster Media produces a collection of local guide websites.

Client Solutions

Our business solutions & content strategy team is dedicated to creating online content to address marketing challenges for small businesses.

Blockbuster Media has a team of skilled digital journalists and operators who develop new keyword rich content for businesses. Whether you are looking to educate consumers about a new service, a new product or to change perceptions of your brand, the Blockbuster Media team in conjunction with all of the resources of Rogers Digital, will develop integrated cross platform relationships which will connect you to a highly lucrative regional Australian audience.

Our coastal village guides include


"Blockbuster Media provides information about, accommodation, ideas for visitors, local restaurants, local shopping, lifestyle, local culture and experiences."

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